The Salt Lake City five-piece genre-bending outfit Badfeather blends good ol’ classic rock with subtle soul vibes, jam-band jive, a pinch of country-folk boogie, and a glimmer of post-disco funk. Their high-energy, bootie-shaking live performances and tightly crafted tunes are powered by lead singer Rick Gerber's energetic vocals and exuberant stage presence. Toss in some tasty guitar solos, funky keyboard lines, and driving rhythms, and even the poutiest audience member won’t be able stop dancing. With the release of their debut album, “Signal Path,” Badfeather is gaining momentum in the regional music scene and is already hard at work on material for their sophomore release.


Vocals, Guitar, Moog | Rick Gerber

Lead guitar | Jeremy Whitesides

Keyboards, Vocals | Jesse Howerton

Bass, Vocals | Dan Error

Drums, Vocals | Nate Barkdull